What is an exhibition?
Please answer the following questions about exhibitions of visual art. There are no right answers; your experience and opinions are valid. Your answers will provide much-needed data for my research and dissertation writing. The goal of this questionnaire is to define and evaluate the use of the term 'exhibition'
1. Please qualify your engagement with visual art: (choose one) *
2. Please select the role that most appropriately describes your involvement with visual art. *
3. How frequently are you involved with producing exhibitions of visual art? *
4. Select all of the following that you feel are REQUIRED for an event/display to be an exhibition: *
5. For you, what is the MOST IMPORTANT feature of an exhibition: *
6. Which of the following is the most important reason for an exhibition? *
7. Indicate the importance of exhibitions to your career (if professional) or your appreciation / understanding of visual art. *
not much
not at all
8. In your opinion, which is more important: that an artwork exists or that it is shown in exhibition? *
9. Is the display of one or more artworks in any space, physical or digital, an exhibition? *
10. Is the display of one or more artworks in any space, physical or digital, an exhibition if it does not change (like a permanently-installed collection)? *
11. Do you consider an exhibition to be essential to visual art? *
12. Do you consider an exhibition to be the MOST essential feature of visual art? *
13. Does the prestige or reputation of an exhibition venue matter to you? *
14. Does the venue or circumstance in which you encounter an artwork factor into your judgement of that artwork? *
16. Comments or suggestions:
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