Special FX DJ Service By Rob Linton - Wedding Info Sheet
Please complete the form below for your wedding. We will discuss the form more in-depth during our final meeting. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or text Rob Linton at 585-329-3539 or e-mail rob@sfxdjservice.com.
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Date of Wedding *
Reception Venue Name and Address. Include Name of Party Room etc. *
Contact Person at Venue (Name, E-Mail and Phone) *
Start Time For DJ *
Ceremony Time (Only If We Are Providing Music For The Ceremony And/Or Officiating)
End Time For DJ *
If we are providing the music for your wedding ceremony, will the ceremony be in the same location (i.e. room) as the reception, or in a different location? Please describe.
If we are providing music for your wedding ceremony, please list those songs here. Be sure to include the music selections for guest arrival, processional (wedding party walking down the aisle,) bride and/or groom entrance song, and recessional.
If We Are Officiating Your Ceremony, Please List (In order) Your Wedding Party As They Should Enter The Ceremony. Please Also Include Parents and Grandparents. 
Time For Cocktail Hour Music *
What Type of Music Would You Like During Cocktails and Dinner? List Genres or Artist Names If You'd Like *
Time Dinner (or Meal) Will Be Served *
Will You Have a Grand Introduction Into The Reception? This Is When Your Wedding Party Is Introduced As They Enter The Reception. *
If Yes, What Song(s) Would You Like to Enter Into?
Please List Your Complete Wedding Party - First and Last Name - In The Order You Would Like Them Introduced. Please Remember to Include Parents. Also, Be Sure To Include Title (i.e. Mother of Groom, Best Man, Maid of Honor etc. After Their Name.) *
How Would YOU Like To Be Introduced As a Couple? (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John and Sue Smith etc.) *
Will Your First Dance Be Before Dinner, or After Dinner? *
What Is Your First Dance Song Name and Artist? *
Will There Be Toasts? *
If So, Who Will Be Giving Toasts? Please List Names In The Order They Will Speak.
Will Someone Be Giving a Blessing Before Dinner? *
If Yes, What Is There Name and Title? (i.e. Reverend etc.)
What Is Your Father/Daughter Dance Song Name and Artist? *
What Is Your Mother/Son Dance Song Name and Artist? *
Will There Be a Cake Cutting?  *
What Song Would You Like During Your Cake Cutting? *
Would You Like To Do The Anniversary Dance? If Yes, List Song Choice. *
Will You Be Doing a Garter Toss? If Yes, List Song Choice. *
Will You Be Doing a Bouquet Toss? If Yes, List Song Choice. *
Please Discuss The Type of Music That You Would Like For Dancing. Include Genres, Specific Artists and Titles etc. You Can Also Send a Song List To rob@sfxdjservice.com. Help Us Get a Feel For The Type of Music That YOU Love to Dance To! *
Do You Have Any "Do Not Play" Songs? If Yes, Please List Those Here.
Do You Want Us To Accept Requests From Guests? *
Are There Any Other Formalities That You Would Like To Do, That We Should Be Aware Of? If Yes, Please Be Sure to Include The Portion of The Evening You'd Like To Do Them. (i.e. Anniversary Dance, Shoe Game, etc.) *
Is There Anything Else We Need To Know For Your Wedding? *
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