Event Booking Request Form
This form must be completed in full along with a signed waiver prior to booking any event at Garneau Tennis and Beach Volleyball Club (GTBVC). Standard reservation rates will apply.

Beach Volleyball: $25/court/hr (prime time), $15/court/hr (weekday).
Tennis: Prices vary based on time and availability. A coordinator will contact you to discuss.

*Discounts are available for registered charities.

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The event coordinator will contact you regarding requirements to serve liquor at your event. At a minimum you must obtain a liquor licence and have event insurance covering liquor consumption.
(1) Users must pay a 20% deposit to reserve courts. (2) Reservations will not be approved until a court coordinator has checked courts schedules and approved requested times. (3) A receipt for reservations will be given to the applicant upon payment. This receipt is used as proof of approved request. (4) No vehicles are permitted in any park space except in approved parking areas. (5) Alcohol is not permitted on the playing surfaces. (6) Pets are not permitted on the playing surfaces. (7) Users must pick up and remove any trash generated by their activity. (8) Music is not allowed to be played unless approved by staff. (9) Please report any damages or unacceptable conditions that occur before or during your scheduled use. (10) It is your responsibility to leave the courts/facility clean. (11) Misuse and/or failure to follow guidelines may result in discontinued use and/or suspension of future use.
Events can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Events cancelled within 24 hours will be refunded less the 20% deposit. A full refund will be issued for events cancelled due to inclement weather. Inclement weather includes; thunderstorms, heavy rainfall* and temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius (*Heavy rainfall is at the discretion of the staff. Generally heavy rainfall is when there are no dry patches on the courts).
I recognize that the Sport of Tennis & Beach Volleyball has inherent dangers associated with it, which could cause me bodily injury including death. In consideration of Garneau Tennis & Beach Volleyball Club accepting my membership, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, forever release, and forever discharge, Garneau Tennis & Beach Volleyball Club, their executive directors, servants, agents, sponsors, supporters, employees and volunteers from any and all claims, demands, damages, costs (including solicitor and client costs on a full indemnity basis), actions or causes of actions, proceedings arising out of or in consequence of any loss, injury including death or damage which may arise by reason of negligence or gross misconduct of the Garneau Tennis & Beach Volleyball Club, their executive directors, servants, agents, sponsors, supporters, employees and volunteers.Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I further release any and all recourse, which I may now or hereinafter have resulting from any decisions of the Garneau Tennis & Beach Volleyball Club.I declare that my physical condition, to the best of my knowledge, is adequate to participate safely in the sport of Tennis, and that no physician or other qualified individual has advised me against participating in the sport. I further acknowledge and agree that it is my choice as to whether I will obtain a physical examination prior to participating in the sport, and I hereby acknowledge and agree to assume all risks associated with not obtaining such examination, or if I do obtain an examination and am instructed not to participate in the sport, I hereby assume all risks associated with my participation.I authorize and consent to the publication by the Garneau Tennis & Beach Volleyball Club of any materials containing my name and/or picture, and I release to the Garneau Tennis & Beach Volleyball Club and all persons acting under authority from them, any claims I might have due to the initial or subsequent publication of such material.By completing this Release and Waiver of Liability with my signature below, I hereby agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations as set forth by the Garneau Tennis & Beach Volleyball Club.I have read and fully understood the Terms and Conditions of the Release and Waiver and I accept those Terms and Conditions.
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