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For passion card members & holder of Fun Splash member card, the fees is $68 monthly. (4 sessions per month, one hour per session. Lessons are conducted rain or shine. No lessons on PH. Students are required to do on land training to develop psychomotor skills and water safety theory if the pool is close due to bad weather. All land training will be conducted under shelther)
Non passion card members, the fees is $75 monthly.
Fun Splash member card entitles our students to have a lifetime stroke technique/correction consultation.
All ACTIVE SG members who pay the fees using ActiveSG app will have $6 dollars rebate into their account which can be use for pool entrance.

Programme outline.
Your child will be taking the Swimsafer programme recognized by the Ministry of Education. There are a total of 6 stages and each stage takes about 4 to 5 months to complete. Students will take a test conducted by Fun Splash swim school consisting of both theory and practical. Upon passing, they will receive a certificate which can be retreive from ActiveSG account.
Fun Splash conducts the programme in groups of 10, age group 5 to 7 .This is to simulate peer learning and real time situation. Research has also shown students learnt best in class group setting. However, Fun Splash will feedback to parents if child needs individual lesson or smaller group if child's attention span is short.

Recommended age group to start learning how to swim is 4+ as child is developing both fine and gross motor skills as well as the ability to understand instructions. Having the child learn before the age of 3 is more of water play than actual learning process. Fun Splash swim school offers play group classes for building water confidence for free on every last sat and sunday of the month. You may register by submitting this form. The play group is cap at 5 children in a group for 20mins.
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