Recommender Form: Parsons Scholars Program
Students applying to the Parsons Scholars Program must select one recommender. Your input is crucial in helping us understand this student's interests, their ability to commit to an intensive program, and their need for opportunities in art, design and college guidance. We greatly appreciate your time.

***Please complete by: FRIDAY OCTOBER 16th at 10PM

The Parsons scholars program is a free 2 1/2 year program for NYC public school students from low-income backgrounds who are interested in art and design. Accepted students participate from 10th through 12th grade. The cost of participation is included, including: seven studio courses, six transferable college credits, art supplies, SAT PREP courses and college guidance.

Parsons Scholars apply their strong interest in art and design to creative careers, critical thinking, social change, community building, and future studies at Parsons School of Design and other colleges. This unique framework is a leading national model for college and career access and racial equity in art and design.
Please see our website for more information including a student flyer, info packet, and instagram link.

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Please complete as many of these questions as you are able, depending on your familiarity. Skip questions if you don't have experience with the student in that area.
1. How would you rate this student's ability to commit to an intensive art and design program for 2 1/2 years?  
Students who are accepted into the program enter in January of 10th grade and complete the program when they complete 12th grade. 
Very unlikely to commit
Highly likely to commit
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2. How would you rate this student's interest in art and design? 
Parsons Scholars are required to explore a wide range of art and design areas through studio courses, guest speakers, and college and career guidance. 
Very unlikely to be interested
Highly likely to be interested
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3. How would you rate this student's attendance?
Rarely punctual or present
Always punctual and present
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4. How would you rate this student's academic engagement?
Never participates, even when sought out
Actively participates, asks for help when needed, seeks learning opportunities
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5. Please comment on how this student would benefit from art and design opportunities
6. Please comment on how this student would benefit from college guidance
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