C-TEC Special Project Request
Special-Project Requests are for over $4,000 and designed to fund short-term program improvement needs in Career and Technical Education Programs not met by other resources or Perkins funding methods. Examples include:
- To address large scale equipment needs or modernization
- To develop a needed program or program component

Eligible applicants are recipients of Carl Perkins funds through C-TEC representing:
Individual schools or districts
Multi-school collaborations
Region-wide strategies

Eligibility Requirements
Proposals must:
Be submitted by one or more
ODE approved CTE Program(s) of Study, or
ODE approved Startup CTE Program(s) of Study
Be complete – Submit the assurances document with the google form by the deadline on the CTEC website (TinyURL.com/CTECMiniGrants)

Information about the special projects are available on the C-TEC Website. Please be sure to read the requirements in their entirety before completing this request. As a part of the submission process, you will be required to submit an Assurances document that requires your administrator's signature to indicate their support of the request. The Assurance document may be found here: TinyURL.com/CTECMiniGrants .

Please contact Curtis Bullock - CBullock@ClackESD.org with any questions.

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Provide a brief description of the project. What is the need? Why is the need important to your school/community? How many students will be impacted? *
List the total dollar amount you are requesting in this proposal. *
What outcomes do you expect as a result of your project, and how will the outcomes be measured? *
How will you ensure that the outcomes are sustainable? *
Describe the activities and timelines that will occur in order to complete the project and accomplish the outcomes. *
Provide a project budget. Provide as much detail as possible, including shipping costs and any additional funds that will be leveraged. Include donations, pathway funds, etc. *
Describe business/industry partnership involvement or other collaboration that was used to develop this proposal. *
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