Elisa Drone Racing League registration
Registration for Saue Indoor Race on 28th of September
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Osalustasu info/ Participation fee info
Osalustasu 20€, ilma eelregistreerumiseta osalemine (selle vormi saatmata jätmine) lisab osalustasule + 10€). Kõikide FPV drooniringide õpilased saavad osalustasult 50% soodustust, palun võta ühendust rando@hobi.ee, et saada täpsem info / Entry fee is 20€, entry without pre-registration (sending this form) +10€). Students of FPV drone specific education program get a discount of 50% on entry fee, but please contact rando@hobi.ee for more information.
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Hüüdnimi / Callsign
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Klubi / Club *
Sisesta oma klubi nimi või selle puudumisel rahvus (EST, LAT, LIT,FIN jne.) . Please enter the name of your club, or if you are not a member of any club than your nationality (EST, LAT, LIT, FIN and so on)
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Lisainfo kommentaatorile / Additional information for commentator
Palun lisa siia vabas vormis info enda võistluskogemuse, sponsorite vmt kohta mis aitab kommentaatoril huvitavamat juttu rääkida / Please add any information that you would like the commentator to point out, such as information about your sponsors, but also information about your career etc is useful to spice up the commentary.
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