Covenant of Membership - NOEFC
We appreciate your desire to become a ministry partner at North Olmsted Evangelical Friends Church! To assist you in your application process we've put together these general instructions and procedures.

1. Please complete the online application, including the Membership Covenant and submit it.
2. The Overseers will schedule an opportunity to review your application with you.
3. After your interview, the Elder of Overseers will make a recommendation to the Administrative Council who will then approve your membership and notify you of their decision. You will also receive your own copy of this application.
4. We will also arrange a time for you to be introduced to the congregation during our Sunday worship services.

Application for Membership
I, ______________, hereby make application for membership in North Olmsted Evangelical Friends Church. *
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Your Spiritual Journey
Do you believe in the Triune God - God the Father, Jesus Christ the one true Savior, and the Holy Spirit? *
Do you know by personal experience, based on the Word of God and the assurance from the Holy Spirit, that you are a Christian? *
Will you endeavor to seek further spiritual growth? *
Will you endeavor to attend faithfully our church services? *
Will you endeavor to share your faith as you have opportunity? *
Will you endeavor to give cheerfully of your finances to support this church and its approved programs as God prospers you? *
Will you endeavor to use your gifts and to further God's Kingdom? *
Have you attended the required Welcome to Friends class? *
Have you acquainted yourself with the EFC-ER Faith & Practice and will you endeavor to live in accordance with its principles? *
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