Greentop Community
Project GREENTOP aims at developing a tool that enables enthusiasts (you) to help create an open, up-to date set of satellite processed data for containing the latest land-use information based on sentinel 2 imagery. Help us build the community so that it suits your willingness to help. Crowd-computing the satellite information requires two types of effort: the actual processing, which is an automated process that an app or browser plug-in performs on your computer, when you allow it and the data validation, which is a manual process that you carry on in your spare time, aiming at validating some of the automated processing. More details are available on
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Are you currently involved in crowd-sourcing activities?
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Do you consider a community effort for Big Data processing would help improve the usefulness of satellite (processed) information?
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Would you be willing to share your unused processing power (e.g. while surfing the web) to automatically process small pieces of data?
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Would you be willing to participate as human validator of automated processed data (no obligation, just doing it in your spare time)
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Do you consider buying a low-cost IoT processing device and keeping it connected to the internet, so that it processes small parts of data would be interesting, knowing it contributes to building an open repository?
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On a scale of 1 to 5, which of the following do you consider rewarding enough to determine you to participate in the GREENTOP Community?
I would do it voluntarily, making this world a better place is rewarding enough
Being mentioned on the contributors page is rewarding
Receiving virtual badges and awards, based on the amount of data i process or validate
Promotional objects in real life received after processing certain amounts of data
Receiving small IoT devices for automated processing
Receiving information about how much of the data i processed was actually used
Having a ranking system showing the biggest contributors
I would be thrilled if for every MB of data I process, GREENTOP would make a small donation to a charity or NGO I support
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Do you have any other suggestions on data processing or that might be useful for GREENTOP?
Are you interested to participate in pilot-testing the solution, as soon as it will be functional? If yes, please provide some contact details (e-mail address). We promise not to spam!
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