Accessibility and Digital Composition
The Digital ACT Studio is offering three workshops centered on issues of accessibility and digital composition. RSVP is not required, but appreciated by filling out the form below. All workshops will take place in the Digital ACT Studio, on the Lower Level of Jackson Library. They start at 3:30pm and will be over by 5pm, though all are welcome to attend partially. The workshops are open to all members of the UNCG community (faculty, staff, and students). Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop.
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Workshop Descriptions
Making Student Digital Projects More Accessible: Dr. Vaughn Stewart will examine commonly assigned digital media and design projects--slide presentations, websites, podcasts, and videos--and discuss ways to implement and evaluate accessibility, from framing assignments for students to developing rubrics.

The Craft and Rhetoric of Captioning: Amanda Shoaf, M.A. will examine common misconceptions surrounding the purpose of captions in visual media and then lead a workshop in constructing your own rhetorically-developed captions. Come prepared to answer thorny questions about how to caption Hitchcockian suspense.

The Craft and Rhetoric of Audio Description: Amanda Shoaf, M.A. will examine best practices for audio description of visual media and then lead a workshop in developing your own descriptions. We'll also be looking at some interesting examples of audio description on Netflix, including Beyonce's Homecoming.
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