Lakes Leadership 2021 Suggestion Box
Ahead of 2021, GLEA is in need of a two-way flow of communication with the Lakes of Fire community to review many of our policies.  The pandemic and the ongoing movement for racial justice have underscored GLEA's responsibility to act for our community and make our next burn as safe and radically inclusive as we can manage.  And while ideas about public health at a post-pandemic burn are important and welcome, we may not take them up immediately.  It's most urgent for us to address the subject of inclusion, racial justice, and community representation at the level of policy-setting and leadership.

GLEA and the Lakes of Fire leads invite our whole community to engage with us more directly.  To remove barriers in understanding our operations and policies so that we can work on them together, we will be trying out many new communication ideas.  Virtual salon or town hall meetings each month, pre-recorded Q&A sessions with leads, new pages to our website, and (gasp) maybe even some infographics and diagrams are all on the table.  The goals are: create ongoing, two-way communication to get the best ideas possible on the table to tackle the challenges ahead of us in 2021; to maintain community trust that the policies we keep are the right ones; and to open the door for new leaders into our burn to execute these ideas.  How can we best do that?

We will respond to your suggestion to let you know we received it.  Thanks for reaching out to us!
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