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My name is Mrs. Kendra Sanders and I will be your child’s 6th-Grade Band Teacher!

This is an exciting time for you and your family! Your child has decided to join the 6th-Grade Test Band!

Music Night will be Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 at Test Middle School in the Band Room. You will use this form to sign up for a 15-minute time slot between 3:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Our trusted partners in music education, Quinlan and Fabish/Muncie Music, will be at this event to help assist guardians as you and your child decide on an instrument for the next school year.

The Music Night agenda:

* Step 1: An Instrument Petting Zoo will be set up in the Test Band Room.
- This provides a hands-on opportunity to touch, feel, and play wind, brass, and percussion instruments.

* Step 2: Securing an instrument
- Once an instrument has been chosen, we will discuss the different options to assist you in securing an
Here is a brief list of options available: rent to own through Muncie Music, rent through the school, a scholarship, and financial assistance. You will be given a detailed explanation at Music Night to help you decide which option best works for you.

*Step 3: 6th-Grade Band Packet
- I will be giving you an informational packet and we can review it together.
There will be a couple of forms for you to fill out.

What you need to bring:
*Parent/Guardian- This is a big decision, it is a good idea to bring both guardians if needed.
*Forms of Payment- Bring your ID and bank account information to set up an account and a payment plan with Quinlan and Fabish/Muncie Music. You are not required to rent from Muncie Music. This is to help facilitate you incase you decide that renting from Muncie Music is best for you.
*An idea of what instrument your child wants to play- You have roughly 15 min to try out instruments. If possible, your child needs to be choosing from 1 - 2 instruments to help keep you in your designated time slot.

Here are some resources to help you choose your on a couple of instruments before Music Night:
-Woodwinds: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon
- Brass: Trumpets, French Horn, Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba
- Percussion: for 6th grade, they are given a percussion kit. This includes a practice pad and bell kit.










* Percussion Kit

Please, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.
(765) 973-3495 ext. 6122
Direct message me on the Class Tag app.

I can't wait to see you and your child at Music Night!!
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Choose a 15-Minute time slot that works best for you and your child to meet at Test in the Band Room. The following times have been filled: 3:00-3:15, 3:15-3:30, 3:30-3:45, 3:45-4:00,4:00-4:15, 4:30-4:45, and 5:45-6:00. *
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