Олимпиада "Сәләт-Олимп" по английскому языку для 9 класса
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Task 1
Read the text below and find the most appropriate answer.
We are in the Netherlands, a tiny country that only extends, at its broadest, 312 km north to south, and 264 km east to west – 1. _____ the land area increases slightly each year as a 2. _____ of continuous land reclamation and drainage. With a lot of heart and much to offer, 'Holland,' as it is 3. _____ known to most of us abroad - a name stemming 4. _____ its once most prominent provinces - has more going on per kilometre than most countries, and more English-speaking natives. You'll be impressed by its 5. _____ cities and charmed by its countryside and villages, full of contrasts. From the exciting variety 6. _____ offer, you could choose a romantic canal boat tour in Amsterdam, a Royal Tour by coach in The Hague, or a hydrofoil tour around the biggest harbour in the world - Rotterdam. In season you could visit the dazzling bulb fields, enjoy a full day on a boat, or take a bike tour through the pancake-flat countryside spiced with windmills. The possibilities are countless and the nationwide tourist office, which is on hand to give you information and 7. _____ reservations. You'll have 8. _____ language problems here, as the Dutch are true linguists and English is spoken here almost universally.
1. Read the text below and find the most appropriate answer. *
2.Read the text below and find the most appropriate answer. *
3.Read the text below and find the most appropriate answer. *
4.Read the text below and find the most appropriate answer. *
5.Read the text below and find the most appropriate answer. *
6.Read the text below and find the most appropriate answer. *
7.Read the text below and find the most appropriate answer. *
8.Read the text below and find the most appropriate answer. *
Task 2
Choose the correct prepositions
1. Mr. Nichols accused his secretary _____ stealing money. *
2. I wasn’t aware _____ the fact that he had retired. *
3. What’s the difference _____ a chimpanzee and a monkey? *
4. She doesn’t associate _____ her neighbours. *
5. Mrs. Jones couldn’t deal _____ all the housework. *
Task 3
Choose the right meanings of the phrasal verbs.
1. Hold up
2. Carry on *
3. Hold on *
4. Catch on *
5. Catch up *
Task 4
Choose the correct meanings of the abbreviations.
1. A.D. *
2. UN *
3. WWF *
4. CEO *
5. e.g. *
Read the text and decide if the information in the sentences is True, False or Not given.
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