Skytalks XIII at DEF CON 28 Call for Papers 2020 - Round 1
Skytalks is a 'sub-conference' at DEF CON that gives a unique platform for researchers to share their research, for angry hackers to rant about the issues of their industry, and for curious souls to probe interesting issues, all WITHOUT the watchful eyes of the rest of the world. With a strict and well-enforced "no recording" and "no photography" policy, research that is underway or information critical of a vendor can be aired to your peers. You will be presenting to other people in the computer underground, and very few topics are taboo.

That said, Skytalks isn't a soapbox for you to say and trash whoever or whatever you want. Skytalks is old-school DEF CON. We welcome and encourage handles - we want your material to stand on its own, not by what company's logo is on your slide deck. We encourage the audience to ask questions and challenge what does not seem to be right. Speakers can and will be held accountable for their material by their peers... loudly and perhaps drunkenly.

We invite presentations to carry on the best DEF CON traditions, aimed at hackers -- and knowledge in all its forms. Esoterica is as welcome as 0-day here. Your talk can be cutting edge material, either in-progress or ready to be disclosed... possibly at the risk of offending a company or even a country. Talks that challenge industry or societal norms are great. Calling out those people or fallacies that plague our industry and community is also welcome! Talks that are outside the realm of a PG rating have found a home here (for example, Teledildonics, 4chan email).

First-time speakers are always welcome. We have had the privilege and honor of providing the first presentation stage for some of greatest names in our community. You are invited to be among that group.

What you must bring: Your enthusiasm with a compelling topic and the willingness to educate and/or face your peers.

We invite you to be: outgoing, willing to educate, and wanting to learn (yes, as a presenter). If you lack any of these skills, we can fix this. If you drink, please bring a spare liver. Two would be even better. A good talk is about mutual learning; it is a conversation. We just provide a room full of hackers that want to converse, sometimes over booze. A lot of booze.

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