2020-2021 Off Campus Housing info
Thank you for your interest in our Off campus rentals in the Amherst and UMass Area. We have some of the nicest rental options in town, mostly houses with off street parking and yards! (not complexes). We are happy to give you a guided tour to find the right spot for you and your group. Below you will provide us some basic information about your needs, so that we can provide you some listings for houses that may be the best fit. We look forward to working with you!
Lead Person - Contact Info
Best contact person for the group to coordinate property viewings. It really helps is to have one main contact to avoid confusion and double appointments when talking with multiple people from the group.
Full Name *
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Best Email *
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Cell Number *
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Your Housing Needs
Your answers below will help us narrow down a selection of houses to best suite your group.
Pricing *
Our houses typically range in the $500-700/month per bedroom, depending on condition, location, amenities included (such as laundry, dishwasher, etc) and any utilities included in the rent. Assuming you pay your own heat, hot water and electric, what is your max per bedroom rent?
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Group Size *
How many people are you hoping to live with, including yourself?
Your cars / parking *
How many parking spaces will you need? If you can manage fewer cars than people, this may open up more options, especially for larger groups.
Total Cars we need to park
Willing to Share Bedrooms? *
If you want to share to bring costs down, or would consider sharing to open up more options chose yes. If you all MUST have your own room, chose No. Either choice is fine, this will help identify options for you.
Single House or Multi-House? *
Some of our houses have more than one living unit, are you OK with having neighbors? Being flexible with this choice will allow the most options for you.
Location Considerations
Help us narrow down areas to consider
Bus Route Required *
Your Neighbors *
Some of our houses are in areas of mixed students and families that would be more sensitive to noise and other aspects of student lifestyle. Other areas are mainly students nearby.
Location, Condition, Price *
Next Steps
Other Info
Is there anything else we should know for your housing search?
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Scheduling Viewings *
Please speak with your housemates and let us know your general availability Mon-Fri to get together for a showing. We need to schedule tours in advance and typically show 3-5 places which takes 30-60 minutes.
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