Scholarships360 Scholarship Submission Form
Thanks for your interest in listing your scholarship with Scholarships360!

Please be sure that your organization and its website meet the following guidelines:
1. The scholarship does not charge an application fee or serve as a means to generate revenue for the scholarship provider.
2. The scholarship information page must not display advertisements, toll free numbers associated with paid services, pop-up windows, chat windows or other offers.
3. During the application process, students must not be prompted to enter a social security number.
4. During the application process, students must not be prompted to enter credit card information.
5. Scholarship URL must link directly to provider’s scholarship page.
6. Scholarship information landing pages must be hosted on a web page specific to the scholarship, at a domain/URL registered to the scholarship provider.
7. Third party (Google Docs, SurveyMonkey, etc.) online forms are not acceptable.
8. Scholarship URL must be operational and stable. If the site is down, we are unable to review the site and students are unable to apply.
9. The scholarship must be associated with a legitimate, verifiable (no PO Boxes), U.S. mailing address.
Scholarship must be filterable and offer an award of reasonable substance and/or frequency for the amount of work that is required of them.
10. Scholarship rules must be displayed and clearly outline all eligibility criteria, deadlines, required materials and scholarship winner selection process / judging criteria. This information or a link to this information must be on the page of the URL provided by the scholarship provider, referenced above.
11. Contact information, including address, phone number and email must be easily accessible to students for potential inquires about the scholarship and rules thereof.
12. Scholarship provider must provide with a contact email address from the organizations domain name. For example, It is the scholarship provider’s responsibility to ensure they are reachable by
13. We strongly recommend whitelisting the domain to ensure the aforementioned.
14. If your scholarship meets these guidelines, please submit the scholarship information below.

We reserve the right to reject any scholarship.
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