School Cooking Class Application
This form is designed for parents and family members who want to bring Sprouts to their school! Once you have completed this form, someone will reach out to you to start planning your school classes!
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Does your child's school already have a nutritional cooking program, either during or after school? *
If so, who runs it? *
The PTA, a program coordinator, a separate company like the YMCA, etc.
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Would you be willing to connect Sprouts to the coordinator of the After School Program/Seasonal Camps program? *
In our experience, a parent's introduction to the coordinator of the After School Program is much more effective than us reaching out on our own!
Please share with us the email and phone number of the two best contacts to reach out to, as well as a description of their position *
the principal's contact information is discouraged as they usually have a lot on their plate!
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