Call for Cloth
We are interested in the stories that people tell about textile and clothing.  We'd like to collect these stories as gifts that go towards the creation of an artwork that shares the community of cloth stories.

Do you have something to tell us about a piece of cloth, or the memory of one, or even of something you have never owned but was part of your life for some other reason, that you would like to add to our collection?

Please complete the information below to take part . . .
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Is it yours, or someone else's? Is it something to wear, or to use in another way? Is it big, small, old, new, does it have any marks, holes or tears? What about colour?
What would you like to tell us about this item? *
What would it mean to you to have your story and/or your cloth as part of an artwork that is created from all the stories we gather?
Would you like to give your fabric to the project collection? *
If yes, this may become part of the project artwork and therefore cannot be returned.
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We will only use your first name or initials
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This may include, but is not restricted to, stories being published online, printed, shown in the artwork and any relating documentation.
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