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Please take time to fill this form out to the best of your ability before the third Tuesday of each month when Bergen Area will be meeting via Zoom @ 7:30PM. You can find the Zoom link on our area's website at
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Are you a new GSR/GSRA or new to Bergen Area? If yes, WELCOME!! :) Feel free to ask anyone for help throughout the night! *
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What is your position for your group? *If you are not GSR/GSRA you are automatically Representative, and you still have voting rights at area. *
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What is your name, phone number, and email address (if you have one) ? *
Are you in person, virtual, or hybrid (both)? *
VIRTUAL MEETINGS: Please type your virtual codes below. (Example: Zoom ID# 123456789 & Password: 12345) *In Person Meetings Type: N/A* *
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IN PERSON MEETINGS: Please type your location details below. (Full Address Including Building # or Facility Name, Town, State, Zip Code) Example: The Church of ABC at 123 Jane Doe Lane. in Town Name, NJ 12345 *Virtual Meetings Type: N/A* *
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Are you collecting 7th Tradition? *
How are you collecting 7th Tradition? (If so)
What is your group's format? Check all that may apply. *
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If the group used to meet in person, but have gone virtual due to COVID19... Please type the meeting's physical location prior to going digital below. *
What is your group rent? (If virtual, the rent would be the cost of the virtual platform per month) *
How much did your group donate to area this month? If unsure, please type UNSURE. *
What is your group's home balance to date? *
Average group attendance? *
Do you have any additional comments / concerns you would like to address ? (Example; in need of trusted servants and speakers...) *
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