SLEX Ambassadors Application Form
By filling in the information in this form you will apply to become an Slex Ambassador. In this application we will ask you information about you. Since you will be cooperating with our company, even though there is no "work" relationship, we need to know who you are.

We also want to make sure that you are fit to represent our brand name and understand what impact you can make for us. This is why we want to know more about your social media activities or understand if you have specific skills that can useful to us.

By filling out this application we cannot guarantee that you will be accepted in the program. But we can assure you we will go through each and every application and get back to you if you are accepted in the program.  
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Here is how I think I can help Slex as an Ambassador (please elaborate on how you think you can help Slex be successful, especially in your country and possible with some real examples)
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