Youth Activism Project International Application
Thank you so much for your interest in the Youth Activism Project. Currently, our Youth Leadership and Advocacy Program is targeted for students based in the United States, so our resources may not be completely relevant to your context.

But we still want to help you however we can! If you're still interested in connecting with youth activists in America and using our online resources, just fill out this form and you will get an email with next steps.

The Youth Activism Project is a very small organization, so we hope you understand why we're not able to provide better resources for international students. International collaboration is very important to us and we hope that in the next few years, we will be able to improve our program for international students.
Please make note of the following before continuing:
* All information received will be kept confidential.
* You must agree with our values: If we believe your activism does not align with our values, we reserve the right to remove you from our program.
* You must be at least 13 to apply.
First things first, let's make sure you're filling out the right application. Are you from the United States? *
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