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Patient Agreement to Participate- Behavior Contract
Bariatric surgery is major step towards improving your health and wellness. This agreement outlines the minimum requirements necessary to undergo bariatric surgery and be successful in your weight loss journey. Your surgery and overall success depends on your compliance with the following program requirements:
1. Your first day of consult is the first step in making a commitment to weight loss. You will work closely with our bariatric team. If you fail to lose weight prior to surgery, you will need further education and/or additional therapy before proceeding. Per our program requirements, industry standards, and many insurance policies, we reserve the right to postpone your surgery if weight gain occurs.
2. Required appointments, pre-op classes, and education will need to be completed. Pre-op nutrition and behavioral skills classes provide vital information including nutrition, exercise, and behavioral modifications. We offer these at NO COST for your convenience. It is a requirement for insurance and program approval. You must attend 2 REGULAR support groups prior to surgery in addition to SWL classes.
3. 24 hour notice to cancel appointments. No shows/no call or late cancellations can dismissed from the program.
4. Follow the nutrition and exercise guidelines prescribed. You are placed on a weight loss regimen. The ability to demonstrate appropriate weight loss efforts through compliance is necessary. A daily food and activity journal is required. We REQUIRE a 2% weight loss in addition to any BMI requirements. Our RD (Registered Dietitian) will provide.
5. Commit to understanding and completing any requirements from the clinical psychologist that are made. Recommendations are your responsibility to complete prior to scheduling surgery.
6. SMOKING/TOBACCO use is prohibited. Our program and many insurance policies, mandate that patients are tobacco free for at least SIX months prior to surgery. A nicotine test is required by many insurance carriers.
7. ALCOHOL USE is prohibited for 6 months before surgery on most governmental insurance plans. If you have a history of alcohol abuse, our program requires 12 months without use and treatment clearance.
8. ILLEGAL DRUGS or NON-PRESCRIBED DRUGS is prohibited for our program and most insurance plans. You are not a candidate for Bariatric Surgery if you are using recreational drugs, illegal drugs or NON-Prescribed Drugs.
9. The Lap Band System requires routine follow up care. Please acknowledge that you will be able to follow up monthly for the first 12 months then every quarter to six months depending on physician recommendations as long as you have a Lap Band System.
I understand that if I do not comply with the requirements above, I could jeopardize my health, weight loss success, or my suitability as a candidate for surgery. I understand that bariatric surgery is only a tool and does not guarantee my weight loss. After I receive bariatric surgery, I understand that these requirements continue as a lifetime commitment.
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