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Patient Agreement to Participate- Behavior Contract
You are being considered or have been accepted for Bariatric surgery at the practice of Keith McEwen MD, Community Bariatric Surgeons Hamilton. An agreement about what is required of you both before and after the surgery is required. The success of the Bariatric procedure depends on you following a medical, behavioral, and nutritional program that includes clinic visits, an exercise program, dietary guidelines, and taking recommended supplements for rest of your life.

1. Appointments and Education: follow the treatment plan as prescribed by team surgeon and Bariatric team, attend clinic appointments, complete all mandatory labs, and take medicine as directed. Read the pre and post-surgery educational materials provided to by the staff and ask questions about content that do not understand. Bring the materials to the hospital and/or clinic when requested.

2. Exercise: Participate in the exercise plan as recommended by surgeon and/or the Bariatric team. The Bariatric team may recommend a formal outpatient program or may recommend general exercise guidelines for home.

3. Dietary: Follow the nutritional guidelines and restrictions as prescribed. I understand that I am placed on a weight loss regimen and must demonstrate continued appropriate weight loss through compliance with the recommended nutrition guidelines. I understand that these dietary changes, such as a healthy, well-balanced diet, will be crucial to my overall health after surgery. I will meet with the Bariatric dietitian as directed to review my diet record and nutritional needs. I will complete daily food records that will include all food and fluids consumed during the day. I will bring food records to appointments or forward them to the dietitian.

4. Alcohol and tobacco: If alcohol abuse or dependence has been identified as an issue for me, I commit to psychological intervention as deemed necessary. I must demonstrate 6 months of abstinence before being considered an appropriate candidate for Bariatric surgery. Tobacco cessation is required by most insurance carriers for 6 months prior to surgery.

5. Substance Abuse: I will not use any substances or drugs not prescribed by a physician. I will use prescription drugs as prescribed. I must demonstrate 6 months from undesirable/illicit drugs before being considered an appropriate candidate for Bariatric surgery. I commit to participating in any needed treatment programs to address substance abuse issues. I agree to sign a release of information document to allow the Bariatric team to monitor my progress and attendance in the chosen treatment program.

6. I commit to completing the requirements of the clinical psychologist pre surgically and/or post surgically. I commit to learning, resolving, and changing my specific situations, behaviors, weight loss barriers, emotions, or triggers and to seek immediate assistance if not in compliance. I understand that if I do not satisfactorily complete the clinical psychologist’s pre surgical requirements, I will jeopardize my suitability as a candidate for Bariatric surgery.

7. I commit to attending support groups as much as physically possible. I understand this is an important aspect of the program and an opportunity to receive ongoing education, support, and meet other Bariatric surgical patients.

8. I will contact the Bariatric team with any pre/postsurgical medical questions or changes in current health status. I will forward all required labs to the staff and follow given recommendations.

9. I understand that if I break this contract I could jeopardize my health, weight loss success, and/or suitability as a candidate for Bariatric surgery. I understand that in changing and/or maintaining healthy behaviors, relapses/lapses can occur. I commit to learning my specific situations, behaviors, or triggers for a relapse, pre and post surgically, and to seek immediate assistance to bring these under control. If I feel like I am going to break this contract, I will call a member of the Bariatric team for assistance. The Bariatric team agrees to provide names and teams of psychologists/therapist/counselors when necessary.

10. I understand that these requirements continue as a lifetime commitment. I take personal responsibility for my program success and will initiate follow-up as indicated with Bariatric team members. No promises or guarantees have been provided by my bariatric team.
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