Beyond Return: Pod Formation
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It has been said that "it is easier to imagine an end to the world than an end to capitalism." However, with the sensational crash of the financial markets currently being played out in slow motion, the COVID-19 pandemic is perversely sparking imaginations, acting as stimulus for potential change.

As bars and restaurants close, as that retail sector begins to struggle, and, ultimately, as the market spirals towards an unparalleled collapse, the prospect of another system stirs. Suddenly, the end of capitalism seems possible.

We should not be rushing back to the status quo and the systems that got us into this very mess: an inhuman economy that forced its workers to continue to work when there is a health risk that might take their lives and spread this virus even further out of control; an economy that forces planes to fly even when they are empty because it has to continually grow and grow and grow.

We can creatively and compassionately explore new economies that will work now and in the future; economies that do not extract your labour and your time on this planet; economies that value all facets and forms of life, not just the human; economies that value unborn generations; economies that allow for united human collaboration instead of national competition.

The purpose of this group is to articulate what our demands are, what kinds of societies would meet these demands, how they might function, and how we will get there.

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