Nomination for Prince Talal Prize shall be made by filling out the e-nomination form on the AGFUND website.
Only the completed and already evaluated projects as well as the ongoing projects of which, at least, the first phase is completed and evaluated are eligible to compete for the Prize.
Form sections
1. Information about the nominator.
2. Information about the implementing agency.
3. Information about the nominated project.
Required Documents
You may submit the supporting documents listed below by replying to the confirmation email which will be sent to you after submitting this form:

1. Nomination Letter (official letter from an entity other than the implementing one "signed and stamped").
2. Two recommendation letters (official letter from an entity other than the implementing one "signed and stamped").
3. Project document in full, (implementation schedule plan, budget, and financial information, etc...).
4. Executive summary of the project (2 pages max).
5. Project completion reports.
6. Project Evaluation reports.
7. For ongoing projects, completion, and evaluation reports of phase one and/or any other phases.
8. Latest Annual report of the implementing agency.
9. Any documents that highlight the activities of the project (photos, videos, brochures).
10. Audited financial statements for the last two years. (implementing agency)
11. The organization should be registered by the official authorities in the country where it is located (a copy of the registration is required).
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