frog_0 commission submission
This form exists for the purpose of submitting commission requests to frog_0. Please only fill this out if you intend to pay.

General guidelines:
  • Porn is off-limits. If you're worried about something being suggestive, ask.
  • Please do not try to trick me into doing more work than you're paying for.
  • Assume good faith, please; I'm sometimes a dense person. If you're worried, please say something rather than just stewing in silence. I want to make money, not enemies.
  • Please do not use AI to modify any work I do for you.
Available Mediums:
  • Digital Illustration (Color, B/W Inked, Sketch)
  • Physical Illustration (Color*, B/W Inked, Sketch) (I will mail the illustration to you if you can cover shipping costs.)
  • Pixel Art (Limited Color via restricted palette, Limited Animation, No complex backgrounds)
  • 3D Modeling (Box Modeling-- Primarily objects and general Low-Poly work. Not experienced with Rigging. I enjoy UV mapping, to an extent.)
After receiving your answer, I'll contact you, and we can discuss things in more detail. 

*Physical Color can be done with either Water Markers or Alcohol Markers. My supply of all 3 is incredibly limited, and I will inform you beforehand if I do not think I have the colors needed to make a piece work.
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