Call For Papers
Opens: Friday 15th February 2019
Closes: Sunday 21st April 2019

Ideally, your submission should cover one of the desired topics:
- Breaking into Blue Team.
- Passing on knowledge.
- Building a better tomorrow.
- Repurposing/hacking Red Team tools for Blue purposes.
- Building countermeasures.
- DFIR and the initial steps in IR.
- Practical applications of frameworks.
- Remediation at scale.

This is by no means exclusive! If you have a talk or workshop on a topic concerning Blue Team matters outside of this list, feel free to submit it - these are guidelines, not firm rules.

This year, the reviewers will be considering an additional factor - alignment with the DC27 theme. Take a look at the main DEFCON site for details on the theme for this year, and consider how your submission can align with it.

Good luck!

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