Camp Fire Afterschool / Digital Learning Camp
The 2020-2021 school year is growing near! Camp Fire Georgia is working hard to create programming to best fit the needs of the organization, parents and students. We know making a decision during these times is tough and thoughts are ever changing, however your input and thoughts are greatly valued.
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Are you planning to send your student(s) to school in person beginning in August?
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If Camp Fire offers our traditional afterschool program at Stephens County Lower Grade Schools until 6:00 pm each evening, will your child(ren) be taking part? *
If you are planning to enroll in the Camp Fire Afteschool program, what grade(s) will your child(ren) be entering.
If Camp Fire afterschool, required children to wear masks during the after school program, would that hinder your decision to enroll your child?
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If Camp Fire was to offer a Digital Learning Camp at Camp Fire Camp Toccoa, to support your child's distance learning needs, would you be interested? Digital Learning Camp would be held for the first semester. Grades K-6, $105 per week. Monday - Thursday 8 am -2:30 pm. 24 maximum participants, group sizes of 8 or less. (Please note logistics are not final and are subject o change.) Completion of assignments and homework, studying help, outdoor activities, art and more! *
As a parent/guardian what guidelines (mask wearing, temperature checks, etc) would best help you and your family feel protected as students begin to return back to school /programs.
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