Application for developing video tutorials in computational genomics, Fall 2017
What is this program?
We are organizing a group of faculty interested in developing online video tutorials to enhance computational genomics education. Video is an effective tool for flipped and traditional classrooms because students can learn at their pace and explore course materials more deeply. Videos are especially effective in teaching computational skills where visual cues are important for students to develop intuitive understanding and computational thinking. This workshop aims to help faculty quickly develop their own video tutorials for computational genomics. Tentative topics include RNAseq and differential gene expression analysis, and data analysis/visualization using RStudio, but actual topics will depend on participant's interests.

Why should I apply?
By collaborating with others, each participant will end up with a rich repository of video tutorials they can use in their courses, and expand their teaching expertise in computational genomics.

Where and when will the interactions take place?
All interactions (Late August- Early November 2017) will be conducted through online video meetings. Communication and sharing of materials will be coordinated through our group portal at, hosted by QUBESHub (Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis).

What is the time commitment?
Participants will be expected to attend bi-weekly one-hour meetings online, develop several tutorial video for their course(s) and/or student training, and interact with their peers via online discussions. The goal is to save you time through collaboration - compared with figuring out the technology and pedagogy necessary to produce quality video tutorials and producing every video topic, by yourself.

What will be the next steps after the program?
With faculty from multiple institutions that share similar interests, we hope to build on-going collaborations, and potentially submit joint grant proposals focused on the promise of video tutorials as effective pedagogy in computational biology.

Who is the coordinator/instructor?
Hong Qin, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Biology, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, who has developed hundreds of YouTube educational video (

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