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1. ====> The virtual concert schedule will be extended to June 30 2021 and may be subject to extend further under the CDC's guidelines and the safety and health conditions of assisted living facilities, considering the risks of COVID-19.

2.====> DEADLINE for performance video submission:
You must send us your music video by Thursday at noon before your Saturday concert.


UNMUTE is a unique non-profit organization unlike any other. Founded in August of 2019 and led by teenage student musicians, UNMUTE initially launched as a project sponsored and held by the Lutheran Village at Miller's Grant in Maryland. UNMUTE strives to bridge intergenerational relationships in and around the community, and promote a better society through the power of music, youth volunteerism, and youth development in K-12 students.

Come and join UNMUTE student musicians to volunteer by sharing your music talents with senior residents who live in the assisted living facilities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, UNMUTE has partnered with ten assisted living facilities in Maryland and accepts music performance video submitted by student musician volunteers to deliver weekly virtual concert via our YouTube channel.

*** Volunteering is open to Kindergarten to 12th grade students and amateur college students.
*** Student musicians can stay at home to practice, perform and still be able to volunteer.
*** Earn Student Service Learning (SSL) Hours once the volunteer performance is completed and broadcast-ed.
*** Over 700 hundreds of senior residents are impacted.

** UNMUTE SAMPLE music performance video submitted by volunteers:


** Music Performance Video Submission Guidelines **
1. All video submission must be school-content and school-age appropriate.

2. All video submissions will be reviewed and subjects for approval or denial under the full discretion of our screening managers. All decisions made for approval or denial are final.

3. Performance Attire: All volunteer musicians must dress appropriately to perform (Casual or recital attire. No pajamas, sandals, or flip-flops).

4. You must show your visual/face in your music video performance.

5. When using a mobile device to record the performance video, please tilt it to "horizontal view" for the best viewing experience.

6. Please allow 3 seconds of silence in the beginning and ending of your performance video.

7. After the initial 3-second silence, we encourage you to greet the audience if desire. For example, you may introduce yourself, the music title, and the composer of your piece. Please must say it "loudly and clearly". Example: "Hi, my name is XXXX (using your nickname is fine for confidentiality). Today I will be playing/singing/performing XXXXXX by XXXX. This music is about Spring. I have been practicing for you and I hope you will enjoy today".
Our senior residents love to hear your voice! Say something positive to cheer seniors up if you wish.

8. When uploading to YouTube, please name the "Title" in the format as:
Student Musician Name, Music Title and composer's full name, Instrument
Krystal Wu, Etude#2 by Cyrille Rose, Clarinet
Zoey Ma, Salut d’Amour by Edward Elgar, Viola
Ana Coman, Sinfonia No. 14 by J.S. Bach, Piano
Will Morgan, Two Jazz Standards, Acoustic Guitar
David Smith and Sarah Johonson, Row Row Row Your Boat by Eliphalet Oram Lyte, Piano and Vocal

You may email us the file link to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo, or Amazon share drive at your choice.

9. Performers are more than welcomed to perform up to two music pieces in each virtual concert.

10. Each performance's length should be between 1 and 8 minutes regardless if it is a solo or group performance.

11. For MCPS (Maryland Montgomery County Public School) students only: we will NOT publicize student's names in the weekly Virtual Concerts due to MCPS's policy. We will publicize MCPS's student volunteers by listing their names as "MCPS students".

12. Provide your music performance video link or file before the deadline. For a Wednesday's concert, send in by Friday at noon before your scheduled concert; for a Saturday's concert, send in by Thursday at noon before your scheduled concert.

**** To be considered for volunteering in our Virtual Concerts, all student volunteers and their parents/legal guardians will be required to read, complete and digitally sign our "Volunteer Release Permission and Waiver of Liability Agreement" as a required part of the online sign up process.


Student Service Learning (SSL) Hour
UNMUTE will email you SSL verification form(s) according to the following schedule,
- SSL activity completed during the FIRST semester (9/1/2020-12/31/2020) has been awarded by 1/2/2021 via email.
- SSL activity completed during the SECOND semester (1/1/2021-6/30/2021) will be awarded by 7/7/2021 via email.
- SSL activity completed during SUMMER (7/1/2021-8/31/2021) will be awarded by 9/7/2021 via email.

The 2021 UNMUTE Volunteer Scholarship Award
UNMUTE Alumni who has volunteered between 7/1/2020 and 6/30/2021 is eligible to apply for the scholarships. Application will be open in early of June. Details will be announced in April.

Website: https://www.unmutemusician.org
General inquiries: unmutemusician@gmail.com
About SSL: unmutessl@outlook.com
UNMUTE Volunteer Scholarships: unmutemusicianscholarship@outlook.com
UNMUTE URL: https://linktr.ee/unmutemusician
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