USAPPS 2017 Facilitator Sign-up Sheet :)
Hi everyone!

This year, we will be holding two workshop sessions, namely the Penang half-day workshop and the KL 2-day workshop on 8th July and 5th &6th August respectively. The former will be held at INTI International College Penang and the latter will be held at Taylor's Lakeside (we know, wow, what a SHOCKER). It's going to be very eventful this year as it has been every year and we need your help to run the workshops!!

If you are interested in facilitating USAPPS in any way, feel free to fill up this response sheet. We'll try our best to place you according to your preferences. If not, we'll make sure to inform you prior to putting you in other tasks. We'd like to know of your availability on the dates specified. Remember to specify if you need help with transportations to and fro the workshops!

Let's make USAPPS 2017 as lit as possible!!!

Your USAPPS 2017 Core Members,
Lina, Elina, Paggie and Rachel <3

Name *
e.g. Ah Beng
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Email Address *
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Contact Number *
e.g. +1(424)3260006. Don't worry, we won't give you prank calls. :))
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University/College *
e.g. Brown University. Show your school pride!!
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Graduating Year *
e.g. 2050
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Preparatory/Pre-university program & institution: *
Eg A-Levels @ Taylor's College Subang Jaya
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Major/Intended Major *
e.g. Undeclared social sciences, astrophysics
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e.g. Philosophy, mathematics
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Interest (Academics or Non-academics)
e.g. Stalking people, eating, rock climbing, Netflix, and chill
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Skills, connections, secret tricks that will benefit USAPPS 2017 *
e.g. Programming with C++/Python, public speaking, making cash (explain how)
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Will you be in Malaysia this summer and available to help out before & during USAPPS? *
If you are in Malaysia this summer, where exactly will you be based?
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For the purpose of the booklets that we will be handing out during the workshops, give us a short self-description! *
eg My name is Wong Yi-Jet and I like to GET LIT
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Also for the purpose of the booklet, what can participants 'ask you about'? *
Essays, financial aid, being wait-listed, IBDP, applying without pre-u, difference between UK & US (especially if you studied Electrical Engineering in York and your name is Yaw Qi Hong) etc
Your answer
Would you like to be present for the following USAPPS workshops? *
Teamwork makes dreams work, so it'd be gr8 if you could come and help facilitate the workshops!
Would you like to present for USAPPS? *
Would you like to be involved with school visits? *
Would you like to be a part of a family group? *
Do you need us to provide transportation for you? *
If you picked "Yes" or "Maybe", please select the choices below
Do you need a place to crash in KL or Penang? *
If you picked "Yes" for the question above, KL or Penang?
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