MinnDak Monthly Report Form
You should read the instructions. We added a few tidbits!
⬇︎ Read these 4 things ⬇︎
Not doing so could result in your report being submitted incorrectly, and it could save you a bunch of time!
1 — Fill out your report on the 1st–10th of the following month.
You may submit late reports past the 10th, but late report points are awarded at the discretion of the district secretary.
2 — Fill it out after the report month has completed.
You should not submit a report for a month that is ongoing.
3 — Incorrect data in your report can be fixed. (Please do ask!)
Don't fill out another report—the district secretary can update your report for you!
(This avoids you having to fill out the report all over again!)

District secretary's email: sec@minndakkeyclub.org

4 — View your reports in your club's Report Viewer.
Your club has a Report Viewer where you can see all current & past reports (from the 2014–2015 year onward). This link will always be in the confirmation email that is sent after you submit your report.

(If your club has never submitted a report before, a Report Viewer will be created, and the link will be sent to you and your advisor within a few days of submission.)

...That's pretty much it! Thanks!

Monthly Report Form Questions
Key Club Division *
(Great news! We've switched to calling the parts of the district back to 'divisions' to better match the rest of Key Club International!)
Club Name *
Please contact the district secretary (sec@minndakkeyclub.org) if your club is not listed. Club names are typically added to this list within 1 month of being chartered.
Monthly Report Form for the month of: *
This is not the current month; you should not fill this out until the month is over. (e.g. You would fill out April's report between May 1st–10th.)
Club Meeting Information
Date Submitted On: (Today's Date) *
Meeting Day *
Day of the week your meetings are typically held.
Meeting Location *
Building/room where your meetings are typically held.
Your answer
Meeting Time *
Time when your meetings are typically held. (Don't forget AM/PM!)
Meeting Length *
About how long have your meetings been this month?
Is your Kiwanis Advisor usually present at meetings? *
(not your faculty advisor—the Kiwanian assigned to your club by your sponsoring Kiwanis Club)
Was a program held or speaker present at any of your meetings this month? *
If yes, list any names of people, programs, or service projects in the "other" box. (e.g. "College readiness speaker" or "Kiwanis Club Secretary presentation" )
What projects/activities/programs has your club done this month? *
List anything that you have started, continued, or completed this month! You may, in addition to the projects/programs, use this space to record your monthly funds raised as a club.
Your answer
Total club service hours completed for this month. *
****NOTE**** This has changed! This is not the running total for the year! Just how many hours your club has done this month. All previous entries have been updated to take this into account.
Your answer
Service Hours per member; Total Hours ÷ Total PAID Club Members *
Key Club members should have 50 hours of service by the end of the Key Club year (March 1 to Feb 28)
Your answer
How many club officer meetings has your board held this month? *
(These are board meetings—not regular club meetings.)
Your answer
Has your Lieutenant Governor (or Liaison) contacted your club this month? *
Ask the other board members if they have been contacted.
Evaluate your Lieutenant Governor's performance for this month. *
Please comment at the end as to why you gave a particular rating (positive or negative!) Your feedback will help us help you more effectively!
Monthly Point Questions
This section is intended for your club to work toward achieving the maximum 100 points by the end of the year. These questions have been determined to be key to building and strengthening your club. Please answer them honestly and add the total points truthfully. Points may be subject to a recount.
Please tally the points for all questions BELOW this line, and place the total in the box at the end of this report.
⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎
Did your club hold at least 2 club meetings this month? (EXCLUDING board meetings) *
5 points if yes
Was your club faculty advisor present at each club meeting? *
5 points if yes; with the exception of emergencies/unexpected circumstances
Did your club start, continue or finish any projects this month? *
5 points if yes
Did at least one member from your club attend at least one Kiwanis meeting this month? *
5 points if yes
Did at least one member of your sponsoring Kiwanis Club attend each of your Key Club meetings? *
5 points if yes
Have your club's dues been paid for this year? Club dues period runs from Oct. 1st to Sept. 30th. *
12 points if yes
Was your club's Monthly Report Form filled out last month? *
16 points if yes—You can verify this on your club's monthly report webpage
Average attendance for the month's meetings: *
Find percentages of each meeting for *this month* only, and then find the average of meeting averages. (Choose 0% if your club did not meet this month).
Has your club publicist/editor submitted an article to the MinnDak Quack this month? *
5 points if an article was emailed to editor@minndakkeyclub.org.
Has your club publicist/editor submitted an article to the Key Club Int'l Magazine this month? *
5 points if an article was emailed to keyclubnews@kiwanis.org. *** Be sure to CC/copy editor@minndakkeyclub.org on the email containing the article so that the MinnDak District can verify article submissions. Thank you! ***
Did your club promote environmental friendliness, sustainability, and awareness? *
2 points if your club held an event/project pertaining to environmental sustainability—gardening, recycling, trash-cleanups, etc.
Did your club partake in an inter-club meeting? *
2 points if there was a meeting or project with members from any other community service group.
Has your club assisted schools or educational institutions? *
2 points if your club has given assistance to your school or any school. (e.g., appreciation activity, schoolyard cleanup, school recycling)
Has your club encouraged the use of committees, and held productive committee meetings? *
2 points if your club advocated and followed through with use of committees for projects, club sustainability, membership, or other various things. (These are just examples!)
Has your club assisted in a Kiwanis Family Project? *
2 points if your club has helped in projects done with any K-Family group—another Key Club, Kiwanis, Circle-K, K-Kids, Builders Club, etc.)
Did your club help with a youth/buddy program this month? *
2 points if there was a project that groups Key Clubbers with young children through pen pals, day cares, activities, etc.
Rollover Questions
Once your club has fulfilled any of the questions below, you may earn points for that question until the end of the time period listed.

(i.e., after you select "Yes" for any question below, you can continue to respond "Yes" until the end of the Key Club year)

Did your club take part in a district theme related project? This year's theme: "Service around the world!" *
2 points if your club was involved in a theme related project (until the next theme is announced in March 2019).
Governors Project Support: Did your club show support of the Governor's Project? *
3 points if your club supported this year's Governor's Project, the Thirst Project. For more info, visit keyclub.org.
Did at least one member of your club attend the last District Leadership Conference (April 12, 2018)? *
2 points if yes, each month once event starts, and until next year's event starts (April 2018).
Did at least one member of your club attend the last District Fall Rally (October 13–15, 2017)? *
2 points if yes, each month once event starts, and until next year's event starts (Nov 2, 2018).
Did at least one member of your club attend the last International Convention (~July 4th)? *
2 points if yes, each month once event starts, and until next year's event starts (July 2019).
Did at least one member of your club run for a District or International office/position this year? Please check with your advisor *
2 points if yes, every month until after club member completes term in office (April–March for district, July–June for Int'l).
Monthly Point Total
Monthly Point Total *
Tally all of the points that your club earned for this month; points will be verified at end of year.
Your answer
⬆︎ ⬆︎ ⬆︎ ⬆︎ ⬆︎
>> View & Print Your Reports! <<
You, your fellow club officers, and your club advisor can view and print your Monthly Reports any time from your club's Report Viewer! Your link can be found in the confirmation email that will be sent to your email address as well as your advisor's email.

(Note: If this is the first time you've submitted a report, you will be emailed your link once your club Report Viewer has been created. Please allow several days for this to be completed. Thank you!)

Your Info
Filled out by: *
(First and Last Name)
Your answer
Your email address: *
Please include this for a confirmation email, and so we can contact you if there are any questions about your report.
Your answer
Your position: *
(Which office do you hold?)
(Any questions, issues, concerns, typos, or suggestions you may have will be automatically forwarded to the district secretary.)
Your answer
Verify your advisor's email before submitting.
Some advisors may not have the same email domain that a school-issued student email addresses has; please take a moment to double check this to avoid a delay in your advisor receiving their confirmation email. Thank you!
Faculty Advisor Email Address *
*Be SURE you type the email correctly!* Your advisor will receive a copy of your report each month
Your answer
How much has your club raised for the Thirst Project for this month? *
The District Goal from April 2018 to March 2019 is $12,000 — enough money to build a well for those who are without access to clean water. Your club can donate to our District Team Page on http://my.thirstproject.org/minndakkeyclub
Your answer
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