Parent Expectation Survey 家长期望调查
Your expectation will help the Chinese school to setup goals and better serve your students. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and anonymous. 帮助中文学校了解学生需要,家长的期望。 Thank you.
Classes currently enrolled 学生上哪个班级 *
Select all that apply
Family Background 家庭背景 *
Why GWCA 为什么选择长城中文学校
What bring you to Great Wall Chinese Academy
Learning Focus 想学什么
What you like your student to learn 期望学生学些什么
Chinese Language Focus 中文学习重点
What you like your student to focus on
Homework 家庭作业
What homework levels you are expecting for your student
Teachers 教师
What kind teachers you like your student to have 你喜欢什么样的老师
Culture Learning Focus 参加那些文化班
What culture classes or activities you like your students to join
Extracurricular Activities 课外活动
What you like your student to join to help their day school work
Parents Activities 家长活动
What activities parents likely to join 可能参加哪些活动
Involve Chinese School 学校平台
How you can involve more in Chinese school 更多参与中文学校
If you like to be contacted back for follow up
Your answer
add more comments you like to share with Chinese school
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