Pre-Course Questionnaire
Please fill this questionnaire in order to be registered to the "How to integrate ICT into classroom practices" 4-week long open online course, which will start on 20 March 2017, developed under the Erasmus+ Project - Searching for the Labours of Hercules (
The SFTLOH Project Team can use the data, which is collected throughout the course, anonymously. *
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Professional development experiences
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Technology experience
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ICT: Information and Communication Technologies
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E.g. Internet connection, teacher computer and projector in classroom, student computers for all students, students' tablets, students' smartphones, computer room that needs to be pre-booked
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Do you use ICT in your teaching? *
If you use ICT, please explain, which ICT supported applications you are using in your classroom. Also, give the names of software you are using. *
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