Dakota Tesol Video Submissions
In place of the conference, we are asking our members if they would like to create a short (3-10 minute) video highlighting your favorite EL teaching strategies or resources. These videos would then be submitted and featured on our Dakota Tesol website for teachers to use at their leisure. Each member that submits a video will be signed up to win a raffle prize that will be mailed to the winner's home.
Video Guidelines:
Please submit this form first, so we know who is planning to submit a video.
1. Videos must teach a new resource or strategy that can be applied to EL students, especially those related to technology.
2. Videos should be between 3-10 minutes long.
3. Videos should be edited (if applicable, not necessary)
4. Introduce yourself at the beginning
5. Upload your video to the google folder Video must be in a MP4 format. Do not upload to Youtube, do not send a link to the video.
6. A link to the google folder will be displayed after you submit this form as well as emailed to you.
7. Videos Are due September 15th.
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