Event registration: High Noon
Event Timing: April 28th, 2019
Event Address: 52 Johnson Corner Rd, Lyndeborough, NH 03082
Contact us at (603) 654-2001 or at tannerholk@gmail.com

Howdy, and welcome to Deadwood County. Gold runs in the veins of this mining town. Unfortunately, some have turned to less desirable careers trying to make it rich. Bank robberies, Wagon theft, shootouts, gambling and so on have become far too common around these parts. Of course, the locals don’t want anything to do with it and neither does the Sheriff, nor his deputies. Posses have been know to take gold and hold out at different points across the Valley. We would like to get along with y’all, but one mans greed is also his death wish.
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I realize this is a Western Simulation and the weaponry and attire I bring should reflect that. Not only should I dress in theme but my Airsoft replica should be either a revolver, shotgun, or a manually operated rifle (bolt/repeater).
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