Missing Ribbons and Rate/Rank Form
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Ribbons Missing?
On the next question please state how you received it. If you are looking for the device for a ribbon, check the ribbon and the device. If the device us not there, please check other and state the device under "reasons".
Ribbons: Reason
List the ribbon and the events that qualify you for the event. (i.e. Physical Fitness[Gold Lamp]: CU-90pts, PU-85pts, Running-100pts)
List All Subsequent Awards (ie. ColorGuard-Bronze Star)
Current Rate
Please note: if you require a rate, you must fill in the next question to verify. Also, all rates require a drill test in addition to the written with the exception of SA and SN.
Date Passed (Written)
If you do not know, put an estimate
Date Passed/Tester (Drill)
State the name of the cadet who passed you and a rough estimate of the date passed. (ie. c/LTCDR Daniel Chung; 3-14-14) For Petty Officers only.
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