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Gray Polo type T-shirt, 100 % embroidered print (small logo on the chest , website address and slogan on the back ) , very high quality material.
Our main reception points are in Dubai (Agna) and in Poznan (Iza) - yet we could reach to many more places, however, you need to confirm it individally with us. Delivery could vary from 1 day to 2-3 weeks depending on order time and place.
cash by the receipt or via transfer on http://zerozalamki.pl/donate/ minimum donation = 20 USD (costs + support for Michal)
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This is just a preview of your new #zerozalamki T-shirt! Amazing! Isn't it? ;) Remember to take a picture with your new T-shirt and share it with us on fb fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/zerozalamki/ with following hashtags: #zerozalamki #zylinskizerozalamki #gomikago
A special gift from Zero Załamki Team! Two stickers (diameter 12 cm or 4,5 in) will be attaached to your T-shirt! :) Use it for your laptop or car and spread the #zerozalamki power!
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