Jefferson Project Data Dashboard Feedback
Thanks for your interest in the Jefferson Project Data Dashboard! The questions below are designed to build our understanding of how the dashboard might be used by a wide variety of people and what kinds of features or data types would be most helpful to layer in to future versions of the dashboard. All questions are optional. Feel free to fill this out anonymously, but if you check the box near the end saying you're willing to be contacted for follow up, make sure to include your contact information.
Sign in to Google to save your progress. Learn more provides access to some of the highest resolution weather data available anywhere in the world. How might you use this data in the Forecasts tab? Are there other kinds of weather data you would like to see included and if so why?
In the Sensor Network tab, what additional information about these sensors would you like to have?
There are many types of data generated by the Jefferson Project sensors. Of the following live data, what would you be interested in accessing and how might you use this data? 1) vertical temperature of the lake, 2) more tributary stations, 3) more weather stations, 4) dissolved oxygen.
In the Water Quality tab we provide long-term water quality trends. Were any of the graphs or their captions unclear? What additional information or explanation would help you make sense of these long-term trends?
How have you made use of any part of the Data Dashboard? We would love to hear about ways it has been used in connection with boating, fishing, gardening, planning, teaching, generally building understanding, or any other purposes it has served.
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