Provo High Dancesport 2018 Team Events Registration
Team events are on SATURDAY this year
Competition date: Saturday, January 27. Entries due by January 12. Then a $10 late fee will be assessed until January 19th. After January 19 no late entries will be accepted.

Each event is $25.00. No Charge for Team Match.

Rules for Show Dance Events:
1. All routines must be ONE dance only. This can be one song that might have multiple dance characteristics in it (maximum 3 dances) OR it can be a mix of songs but the same dance (i.e. Foxtrot song that has a Swing section in it or 2 songs mixed but both are Cha cha).
2. Props that do not require additional set up time are allowed.
3. Routine must not exceed 3:00 minutes.
4. Routines may only have 3 lifts of any kind. On the fourth lift it will be considered a cabaret routine. Tricks, drops, and stunts that are within 2 beats of music are NOT considered lifts.
5. Show dances must be a ballroom/partner dance:
• Smooth/Ballroom = W/T/FT/VW/QS,
• Latin/Rhythm = CC/S/R/PD/Bolero/Mambo
• Swing = East Coast/Triple Swing, Lindy, West Coast Swing, Jive
6. If the routine is not one of the dances listed above, it will be put in the Novelty category. This includes Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Single Gender, Disco/Hustle, Square Dance, Folk Dance, & Polka.
7. Routines must be 3-8 couples. If they are larger than 8 couples (or 16 people) they will be put into the Large Group Category.
8. The Large Group category is not limited to any one dance genre.

You may also pre-pay admission for your team dancers using this form.

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