2017 Sign-up - CSA, Fruit and Farm Products
Thank you for your interest in our farm!

From the soil to our hands and through our hearts, we welcome new and returning members for another season's adventure in growing and sharing great food and building community.

Please take a moment to answer the following questions about your membership preference and product interests for the 2017 season. We accept cash and check payments in person and/or through the mail. Please send preference and payment promptly to secure your membership as we have limited spots available!

Some CSA members may choose to share their membership with another individual or family. If this is the case, please make sure to include all their information at the bottom of this form!

As part of our farm, you get to experience the seasonality and stories of local, ecologically grown fruit and veggies, and we are edified and enriched by the experiences you have in eating what we grow. Because we know one another, we, the farmers feel personally responsible for your health and eating-enjoyment, and you - as eaters - are able to know, see, and experience the place that provides your food, fruit, and flowers from root to table. Your financial support early in the season supplies funds for seed and other inputs which we would otherwise have to borrow from a bank were we growing for the open market. As a result we can eliminate the interest-cost of production loans. All in all we find the CSA relationship more satisfying than selling to a wholesaler who must primarily be concerned with shelf life rather than taste, texture, beauty, and personal connection.

For more information on our farm and CSA program, visit our website: hilltopcommunityfarm.org or call us at 608-257-6729

We look forward to growing for you!

To your health and happiness!
Yours in hardy kiwi,

Erin & Rob -
Farmers and Stewards of Hilltop Community Farm

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