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By signing below, I hereby agree that neither I, nor anyone living with me, will seek to hold Born Free Pet Shelter (“Shelter”), or any of its past, present or future officers, volunteers, employees, agents or assigns, liable for any injury, damage or adverse impact of any kind that may occur or result arising out of or related to my participation in fostering a Shelter dog.  I acknowledge that activities involving my foster dog may involve the possibility of, among other things, being bitten, scratched, jumped on, knocked over, or dragged.  I acknowledge that I will be working with a dog whose background and history -- medical, behavioral, and otherwise -- may be unknown.  I further acknowledge that the behavior of any dog may be unpredictable, and may change when encountering new environments and people.  I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own personal safety and medical treatment, and all costs associated therewith, including medical treatment arising out of fostering this Shelter dog.  I understand that I am not an employee of the Shelter, am not covered by workers’ compensation, and am not covered by any insurance available to the Shelter. *
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