we would like to engage
hot_tech is doing some design thinking and are looking to have some short conversations with indivdiduals or groups who use OSM. A quick summary of why and how below:

- We want to know why OSM matters to you
- We want to know the problems you use OSM to solve
- Conversations will be generally open but related to why and how you use OSM and other OSM tech tools
- Conversations will be 30 minutes or more depending on you availability
- Can be indivdiual, or group conversations

Everything will be confidential and deleted once we're done. No personal information will be used, shared or stored.
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Tell us why you joined OSM in in 140 characters or less (in any language you choose).
What's do you value most about OSM? (1 = Low Value; 5 = High Value)
1 - Doesn't Matter
5 - Matters Most
Contributing (e.g. mapping)
Data quality
Humanitarian OSM (e.g. disaster response)
Achieving a business goal (e.g. logistics)
Mapping with others (e.g. mapathons).
Free & Open data
Truth on the ground
Inclsuive Maps
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