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  1. Please complete this form in its entirety.  An incomplete application cannot be processed. Please remember, we are all volunteers.  Most applications are reviewed within a week and adopters will be contacted upon review.  If additional information is needed, please allow another week for approval.  Feel free to follow up by emailing  
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If you own, is the home in your name? If not, please explain and provide contact information for homeowner. *
If you rent, what is your landlord's name and number?  (Your application will not be considered without this.)
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Do you have other pets? *
Please list your pets by name, species, age/time in care.  (Ie. Sparky, dog, 8 years old/5 years or Misty, cat, 6 months old/4 months). If you have no other pets, write N/A or choose NO for following questions. *
If you do not have current pets, have you ever owned a cat before?  What was your experience? Please indicate here if this the first pet you will be 100% responsible for.
Name and Phone number of your Veterinarian.  If you do not have a veterinarian, please list the one you will be using after adoption and note that in the response (write NEW).  Your application will NOT be considered without a veterinarian. If your current or former pets were taken to the vet by someone other than you (applicant) please include their name and phone number here.   *
Are your pets spayed/neutered? *
Are your pets up-to-date on vaccines and are felines tested for FeLv/FIV? (This is for their safety. If they are not up to date, this must be taken care of prior to adoption.) *
When was the last time your pets visited the vet? (If you have no current pets, please write N/A.) *
Have you ever lost a pet due to accident or illness?  Have you ever authorized humane euthanasia?  Please explain each incidence. *
Please list any pets no longer living with you.  (Name, species, age at time of loss, reason for loss, years in your care.) *
Do your pets go outside?  Explain. (If you have no current pets, please write N/A.) *
Do you plan to let your adopted kitty outside? *
If you have or have had cats, are/were they declawed? *
Do you plan to declaw your new kitty? *
When you move, what do you do (or will you do) with your pets? *
When you go on vacation, what do you do (or will you do) with your pets? *
If your pet gets lost, what would you do? *
Have you ever given up a pet?  Where did the animal go?  Why? Please explain the situation. *
Are you financially able and willing to provide emergency medical care and annual wellnes exams and vaccines for the cat(s) you adopt? *
What will you do if your new pet doesn't get along with your current pets?  How long are you willing to try?  Please describe your method for slow integration. (If you have no current pets, please write N/A.) *
What will you do if your new pet scratches/chews, has accidents, or performs other undesirable behaviors in your home? *
How did you hear about Lucky You! Animal Rescue? *
Have you applied to adopt (or do you plan to apply) with any other rescue or shelter organization? *
Please provide the name and phone number of a personal reference who does not live in the home.  (Can be family, co-worker, friend, etc.) Please let that person know we will be reaching out to expedite the process! *
Do you understand that all animals adopted through Lucky You! Animal Rescue are RESCUE ANIMALS and many times their health and behavior history is unknown and we cannot guarantee their future health or behavior?  (By clicking YES you are stating you understand this.) *
What is the name of the cat you are interested in adopting?  Or, please describe age, gender, color, personality, and any special requirements (active, dog-friendly, good with kids, likes to be held, etc.) Please know that not all cats are suitable for all homes.   *
Please use this space for any questions about adoptable animals, our application process, or anything else you would like to ask our adoption counselors at this time.
By writing my name in this response box, I acknowledge that all information on this form is true and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation of fact may result in Lucky You! Animal Rescue refusing adoption privileges to me. I authorize Lucky You! Animal Rescue to contact the veterinarian and landlord listed on the application if applicable. *
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