Linking Doctors
The NSIS (Netherlands Society for International Surgery) and the Association for AIGT in training (TROIE) perform a project to create more transparency in international (surgical) activities. We collect information and publish this on our Linking Doctors world map, for medical doctors to get in touch and to collaborate or to share ideas. We started by sending questionnaires to surgeons, but our scope is broader now.

Are you a doctor who works/worked in a low or middle income country, we invite you to find or add your information below, so that we can really start linking doctors.

It takes only a few minutes. Please fill in this form ONCE for every mission, this makes processing the data much easier for us.

Thank you!

Jonathan Vas Nunes, AIGT.
Marije Gordinou de Gouberville, AIGT, surgeon in training.
Caro van Grunsven, AIGT in training
Willemijn van der Veen, AIGT in training

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