Victorian Parkour Map
The Victorian Parkour Map is a resource for the parkour community to share information about places to play and train. It’s intended to be as inclusive as possible, so that it can be useful to a diverse range of community members. For this reason, we’re including detailed information about safety and accessibility. We’ve also found that weather conditions are a useful consideration when choosing a spot to train. This is why we’ve decided to categorise spots by their suitability for night training and wet-weather training.

Please read the Induction document here for more information, including accessibility concerns:
- First, Check the current preview map to make sure someone hasn't already added your spot. :

- Then, fill out all of the sections of this form. Each of the questions includes information on how to fill it out, as well as examples. Please provide as much information as you can.

- If you have photos of this spot, please email them to, with the spot name as the subject line. If you don't, please snap a few next time you're training there! Please avoid having people in the photo.
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