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For an MVHR estimate containing supply, install and/or commissioning costs for a system to suit your property please complete as many questions as you can. Some are required, others are optional. The more accurate the information the more accurate the price. Due to popular demand it can take a few weeks to receive your quote. If you need it quickly please tell us. Thanks for contacting Solarcrest.
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First line of address or project name for reference purposes
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Your location may affect the install and shipping costs
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This affects the estimated costs
Can you provide plans and elevations? *
We can accept DWG, Revit, PDFs, JPEGs, Sketchup, photos of printed plans, posted plans or floor plan sketches
When do you need the MVHR fitting? (approx.)
The MVHR system should be installed early in the first fix, after the roof covering and ahead of the plumbing. It can take a while to finalise the design and organise materials, so we recommend getting the process underway at least a month before you need it. Two ideally. Ignore this if you're planning to fit the system yourself.
Is there anything else you think we need to know?
e.g. project is URGENT, listed building status or conservation area, Air Quality Management Area (AQMA), overseas property or challenging location, Passivhaus certification required, multiple properties etc.
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Are there any other contact details we need?
e.g. site/contract manager, builder, architect, your client etc.
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Total internal floor area in square metres? (approx.)
Your best guess including all habitable floors. Exclude areas outside the insulation layer e.g. Garages
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How many wet rooms are in the property?
Stale/moist air is removed from the kitchen, bathrooms, en-suite, utility room, laundry, WC, etc.
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How many habitable rooms are in the property?
Fresh air can be supplied to bedrooms, dining room, lounge, study, home office etc.
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Do you know what type of floor joists you have?
If you have a combination please state what's below the first floor. To accommodate MVHR ducting they will need to be at least 100mm deep
If you have an attic or large eaves space is it a warm space?
A warm attic has the insulation below the roof rather than above the ceiling. All MVHR pipes and machinery need to be located within the insulation envelope.
Are there any restrictions that might not be clear on your drawings
e.g. steel beams, staircases, under floor heating, built-in furniture or very thick masonry walls
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