D&AD New Blood Shift 2019 London Application
D&AD is looking to nurture the next generation of extraordinary creative thinkers through its life-changing and career making night school. By filling out this form you are putting yourself forward for the chance to participate in a 4 month programme, delivered by D&AD.

We want to find out about you, how you think and about your ideas, so be creative. Show us your personality, and show off what you can do!

To be eligible for Shift, you must:
- Be over 18 years old
- Be a UK resident
- Not hold a degree level qualification (BA or equivalent) in any subject
- Not be currently enrolled in a degree level qualification (BA or equivalent) in any subject
- Be interested in a career in the design, advertising and creative industries
- Be able to commit to 2 evening classes per week, plus occasional weekends from September - December
- If shortlisted, be able to attend a Challenge Day on 22 August.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the D&AD New Blood Shift Terms and Conditions (link at bottom of form).

Deadline for applications: 29 July 2019

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1. About you
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2. Your Education
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If yes, what qualification are you studying towards?
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Have you been accepted into or are you currently enrolled in a Bachelor's degree level course? *
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3. Your work experience and employment
Are you currently in paid employment? *
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Have you had any paid or unpaid experience working within the creative industry? This includes work placements, internships, volunteer work etc. *
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4. Why Shift?
In no more than 250 words, please tell us why you want to take part in the New Blood Shift programme *
Think about what you could bring to the programme, what makes you different from others applying, and what you want to achieve. Show us how much you want it.
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What is something you would love to learn or find out more about on the programme? *
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5. Your creative work
We want to see three examples of the sort of creative work you already do. This might be some design, a campaign concept, a digital prototype, a piece of art work, a video, some photographs, lyrics, a story… it’s up to you what you share with us.

Share your work with us using WeTransfer. It's free and easy - just follow these instructions:
1. Go to https://wetransfer.com/
2. Add your three files
3. Click on the symbol of three dots in the bottom left, and ensure you have 'link' selected
4. Press 'Transfer'
5. Once the transfer is complete, copy the download link, and paste below. We'll then be able to download your files.

Paste your WeTransfer download link *
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We want to hear more about one of the pieces of work you've shared. What's the file name of the piece you'd like to tell us about? *
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What was the idea behind this piece? *
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How did you go about creating it? What was your process? *
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What did you learn? Would you do anything different? *
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6. Travel and relocation fund
We have a limited budget to help support Shifters with their travel costs getting to and from the night school classes.

We also have 2 bursary's available for those outside of London who would need to relocate to take part in the Shift programme.

Please note that these funds are means tested and we cannot guarantee you financial aid.

If offered a place on the full Shift programme, I would like to be considered for:
7. Equal Opportunities Monitoring
Gender identity *
Ethnicity *
Do you consider yourself to have a disability? *
If yes, please specify:
Are you a parent, carer or legal guardian with dependent children?
Finally, where did you hear about New Blood Shift? *
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