ESS Running Club Permission Form
Dear Parents and Students,

As the new year begins, we would like to help encourage health and fitness in our school community by inviting you to join our ESS Running Club!  This will also help as we prepare for the Sun Run as well as the track & field season in the spring.  

The ESS Running Club is open to all grades AND parents.  We would like for this to not only be a health initiative but a community building one, as well.  Regardless of ability or fitness level, we encourage all to come out and run. We will adapt the session and regroup runners accordingly.  

We will meet every Friday immediately after school from 3:15 to 4:15 RAIN OR SHINE.   We will change at school, run at Douglas Park, and be back at school by 4:15pm.  In order to participate, each student must commit to attending every Friday running session.  

If a student cannot attend a session, he/she must give advance notice by providing a note from his/her parents to one of the coaches by  the morning of the practice.  Parents may also email Mme Holm by 9am the day of the session.  

Also, it is the responsibility of the parents to pick up their child/ren from the ESS no later than 4:15pm.  If you are unable to do so, please, make arrangements with other parents.  We ask that you be considerate of the coaches who themselves have busy schedules and cannot stay late after practices.

***N.B. Our first practice is scheduled for Friday, January 13, and the last practice will be Friday, March 31

There will be NO PRACTICE on the following dates:  February 10 (Catholic Educators Conference),March 10, 17, & 24 (Spring Break).

For a successful club, we ask three things of the participants:  COMMITMENT, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, and EFFORT.  Please, discuss the meaning of each of these with your child.

It is important also that all runners dress appropriately for the winter weather.  Track pants and track jackets are MANDATORY for all students.  Students will NOT be allowed to participate if they do not have these items.  We will be running RAIN or SHINE.

Because we are hoping for a big turn out of participants, the help of parents willing to volunteer their time would be invaluable.  Parents willing to help out please contact Mme Holm at and check the appropriate box below.

Thank you,

Mme Holm
M. Bengono
Mme McKenzie
Coaches of ESS Running Club

Please, thoroughly read the disclaimer that follows and fill in the form below NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, January 11.


Accidents can be the result of the nature of the activity and can occur with or without any fault on either the part of the student  or the school board or its employees or agents, or the facility where the activity is taking place.  By allowing your son/ daughter to participate in this activity and during transportation, you are accepting the risk of an accident occurring and agree that this activity, as described above, is suitable for your child.

The board will make every reasonable effort to ensure or ascertain that:
a. The staff, volunteers and/or service providers involved are suitably trained and qualified.
b. The students are adequately supervised over all aspects of the program/activity.
c. The location(s) used are appropriate and safe for the activity and group.
d. Equipment used has been inspected and deemed appropriate and safe.
e. A Safety Plan is in place to identify and manage known potential risks.
f. An Emergency Plan is in place to deal with an injury or illness to any of the students.


Potential known risks include the following:
Injuries related to vehicle crashes en route to and from activity area
Injuries related to trips and falls;
Other risks normally associated with participation in the activity and environment



1. I acknowledge my right to obtain as much information as I require about this program or activity and associated risks and hazards, including information beyond that provided to me by the school or board.
2. I freely and voluntarily assume the risks/hazards inherent in the program/activity and understand and acknowledge that my child may suffer personal and potentially serious injury arising from his/her participation.
3. My child has been informed that he/she is to abide by the rules and regulations, including directions and instructions from the school’s and/or service provider’s administrators, instructors, and supervisors over all phases of the program/activity.  
4. In the event my child fails to abide by these rules and regulations, disciplinary action may require his/her exclusion from further participation, or that I be contacted to have him/her picked up, unless I have specified other transport arrangements.
5. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to advise the Lead Teacher of any medical and/or health concerns of my child that may affect his/her participation in the stated program or activity.
6. I acknowledge that the trip supervisors may secure transport to emergency medical services as they deem necessary for my child's immediate health and safety, and that I shall be financially responsible for such services.

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