GZ Literature Survey
The team are currently in the process of writing a paper which in its introduction discusses some of the current assumptions common among our fellow astronomers when thinking about galaxy morphology. We'd like you to explore the literature for us, looking at the relevant sections of papers. Full instructions are on the blog (https://blog.galaxyzoo.org/2017/09/28/galaxy-zoo-literature-search/) and join the Discussion on Talk: https://talk.galaxyzoo.org/#/boards/BGZ0000001/discussions/DGZ0002owt
Paper reference (e.g. Lintott et al. 2009) *
Paper Link from the ADS *
Claims colour and morphology are equivalent (Please provide quote)
Defines “early-type” galaxy as any galaxy without visible spiral arms (e.g. our “smooth” category, which can include elliptical galaxies, and smooth disks), rather than as a galaxy that isn't a disk. (Please provide quote)
Defines “early-type” galaxy as including Sa spirals as well as lenticular and ellipticals. (Please provide quote)
Define “late-type” galaxy as only late-type spirals (e.g. excluding Sa spirals)
Use colour or spectral type to split galaxies into “early-“ or “late-“ types (or “elliptical” and “spiral”)
Use the bulge-to-total ratio (or some proxy for it like concentration, or the SDSS “fracDeV” parameter) to place spiral galaxies in a sequence.
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